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 Cooldog's Totally Sweet Name Shop ~Wonderful Names, Included With A Free PSF~

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PostSubject: Cooldog's Totally Sweet Name Shop ~Wonderful Names, Included With A Free PSF~   Fri Oct 03, 2008 1:36 pm

~Welcome To Cooldog's Totally Sweet Name Shop~
I Give Wonderful Names, Including A Free PSF With Your Order
If You Want To Order Simply Fill Out The Form Bellow:
Webkinz Mystic User Name:
Webkinz World User Name:
Type Of Pet:
Gender Of Pet:
Certain Language:
How many times have you ordered from me:

Now I'm assuming that you want the free PSF with your order. Down bellow there is a list of PSF's that you can choose from. Keep in mind that some of these PSF's you must have ordered from me a certain amount of times to be able to get as your ordering prize.

PSF Ordering Prize List:

Pink Poodle(1 Order)
Black & White Cheeky Dog (3 Orders)
Unicorn(5 Orders)
Grey & White Cat (5 Orders)
Cow(1 Order)
Cocker Spaniel(1 Order)
Horse(3 Orders)
Persian Cat(1 Order)
Gorilla(10 Orders) -Low On The PSF's-
Black Lab(10 Orders) -SUPER Low On PSF's-
Black & White Cat(1 Order)
Hippo(1 Order)
Orange and White Cat(8 Orders)
Reindeer(4 Orders)
Pink Horse(1 Order)
White Terrier(1 Order)
Yorkie(1 Order)
American Cocker Spaniel(5 Orders)
Green Frog(1 Order)
Coco Dino(4 Orders)
Alley Cat(1 Order)
Chawawa(1 Order)

Thanks for stopping by at Cooldog74's Totally Sweet Name Shop! Come back Super Soon!
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Cooldog's Totally Sweet Name Shop ~Wonderful Names, Included With A Free PSF~
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