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 Save The Lava Foundation

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PostSubject: Save The Lava Foundation   Fri Oct 03, 2008 1:17 pm

Save The Lava Foundation
If You are here at the moment I assume that you are here to join the Save The Lava Foundation. Now some of you may not even know what this Foundation is, so I'll tell you.

The Save The Lava Foundation is a foundation where people that never wished for the Green Lava to be retired to come together and try to find out a way to get the Green Lava back. If enough people believe that we can get it back then hopefully Ganz will decide to bring it back. So basically this thread is a thread that is dedicated to the Green Lava.
For all of us that are here on this thread. Please keep everything strictly about the Green Lava, what we should do about it being retired, and how to help it, ect. All of you that wish to join please fill out this forum:

Webkinz Mystic User Name:
Webkinz World User Name(Optional):
Picture of Your Lava Lamp(If You Have One):
Would You Like The Weekly News Letter:
Will you participate in all our activity's:

People In The Save The Lava's Foundation:
1.Cooldog74 -Founder Of Save The Lava's Foundation-

Now for a refreshing little poem about the Green Lava:

Lovely Green Lava, Staring at Me
Sits On The Table Alone
Lovely Green Lava, Sorry To Say
Your Going Away
To A Retirement Home

Poem By,

People Receiving The Lava news Letter:

Poems By Other Lava Foundation Members:

Activity Going On Right Now:

Member's Wonderful Green Lava's:
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Save The Lava Foundation
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