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 ~Webkinz Mystic Offical Forum Rules~ Read Before Posting

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PostSubject: ~Webkinz Mystic Offical Forum Rules~ Read Before Posting   Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:22 pm

Welcome to Webkinz Mystic! I'm surely glad to see that you have joined!

Before you start posting around the forum. I will need to make sure that you agree to the rules bellow and have read them. After reading all the rules that I list, please reply to this thread with a simple I _____ agree to follow all these rules as I am attended to do.
Thank You

Never Ever's:
* Posting Personal Information (last name, age, city, school, phone number, etc)
* Posting Personal Pictures (or pictures of friends, family, etc, anyone who is not a celebrity)
* Attempting to discuss trades outside of the Trade World area
* Pornographic material
* Racism
* Overt personal abuse or threats to other posters or staff
* Swearing
* Harassment of other users or posting anything which would invade their privacy
* Spam (including Chain Letters)
* Commercial advertising
* Registering and using duplicate accounts after being banned or for any reason.
* Creating fake news or doctoring of images.

Some Guidelines:

* Creating duplicate threads
* Starting threads in the wrong forum
* Posting entirely in capital letters
* Being rude to fellow members
* Do not try to bully someone into submission or disparage every comment they make.
* Putting your trade list in your signature/profile Trading is only meant to be done in the Trading World and on your own thread.
* No RED or BLUE ink This is reserved for the moderators and admin to edit posts
*Do not remove any Moderated posts made by staff members.

Breaking any of these rules could result in the banning of your account, and we don't like banning.

If you see anybody ever breaking any of these rules please report it to a mod or admin right away so we can do what we need to do.

Yours Truly,
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~Webkinz Mystic Offical Forum Rules~ Read Before Posting
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